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My name is Fiona McGregor.  I established "Eurowenban Stud" on my 100 acre property in 1990 and have been breeding and exhibiting my Australian Kelpies ever since.


They have, over the years, become more than just a hobby - a passion I would say.


I am, along with my family (William, Robert and Heather) extremely proud of all the dogs.  Both those I have at home and those who are with their own families.




I'm not going to bore you with a list of show results, what I will do is let you know the types of homes and folk that have "Eurowenban" Kelpies.


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The majority of enquiries I have for pups are from families looking for a low maintenance, healthy easy going pet.  Being raised with my own family I have found them extremely safe with the children - which we all know is OH SO important.


* * * * *


Lots of people that have to either walk for their health or run and jog for pleasure enjoy the company of a "Eurowenban" Kelpie.  High Fitness levels are easily gained and they are great company for the time spent in this pursuit.


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"Eurowenban" Kelpies make the perfect 'mate'.  Builders, Land Landscape Gardeners and people who spend lots of time working alone find them a great companion.


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Then there are those who are looking for that competitive companion.  Agile, fast,   smart and good looking  the "Eurowenban" Kelpie is suited to both Obedience and Agility.


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Then there are those who wish to exhibit their "Eurowenban" Kelpie in Championship dog shows but want something more than the run of the mill Chocolate or Black Kelpie.  The Black & Tan, Red & Tan,  Blue and Fawn "Eurowenban" Kelpies are eye-catching.

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