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My Photo Gallery

We have tried to include an assortment of photo's from new puppies to Eurowenban Kelpies out and about. 

Please click on the photo's to enlarge and more details.

Australian Champion Eurowenban Full On Aces

Eurowenban Blessed Be

Ginger was about 5 months old when this was taken

Eurowenban USA Chief

Eurowenban Turbo. Now in Sweden doing all kinds of things.

Eurowenban Turbo

Eurowenban Turbo

The late "Eurowenban Enterprise CD JD" and her last litter.

Red & Tan pup out of Eurowenban Enterprise's litter

Red & Tan Pup from Eurowenban Enterprise's litter.

Part of a litter of 9 Red & Tan's. By Eurowenban Blessed Be X Eurowenban Kiaza

Pup from Kiaza's litter

Another pup from Kiaza's litter

Eurowenban Star Gate

The family with the late "Eurowenban One N Only"

Luack Serenity

Eurowenban Aussie Spirit

Eurowenban Blessed Be X Eurowenban Kiaza '08 litter.

Eurowenban Star Gate X Eurowenban Andromeda '08 litter

Eurowenban Star Gate X Eurowenban Andromeda '08 litter


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Eurowenban Stud now introduced.....


You have all met "Blade" (Wingdari Shearers Blade) from the home page of late...         


And introducing Spinifex Zoe (WKC) "Zoe" is an all round paddock and yard dog who has produced, to "Blade", successful working dogs.

       and  Chip (WKC) "Chip" is a daughter of "Blade" and "Zoe" that was retained. 

                                 What a change - now a lovely lady from a little pup.    



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